RoomTracker was developed for Motels, Apartment Complexes, Lodges, Bed & Breakfasts and even for Small Hotels, it provides a level of functionality to rival any system on the market today. You can have from 1-500 Rooms across many levels that can be easily displayed on the reservation form.
Reservation Pad

Easy to install and Simple to operate.

Check-in and check-out is a breeze. No confusing “wizard” screens are needed to check in or out a guest, just a simple click to check in or out.

“Customer Feed Back – RoomTracker is so simple to use which makes it easy to train temporary staff for when we go away or have a day off”

Here at Fusion Software we listen to our customers in an aim to make the product better and introduce new features. RoomTracker has been designed in conjunction with people who work in and own hospitality businesses to provide the following level of functionality needed to successfully manage a hospitality business.


RoomTracker Software Features

  • An easy to use, read and understand “Reservation Pad” that uses colour coding to indicate a reservation’s state.
  • Records phone calls
  • Simply method control your own phone call pricing
  • Override room costs allows flexibility
  • Support for reservation discounts
  • Group bookings
  • Multi level room allocation
  • Quick room availability lookup
  • View the status of rooms from one screen
  • Waiting List or information areas
  • Easy to run powerful management reports “New Zealand Statics Accommodation Survey”
  • Print out arrivals and departures for any given day
  • Define peak and off-peak seasons
  • Email confirmations and invoices
  • Email history
  • Support for early check-outs
  • Support for pre-paid booking agent reservations
  • Seamless integration with our TrafficTracker internet authentication and billing software
  • Manages Remote Locations from your main office
  • Automatically backs up and restores the data files to and from your dropbox for off site backups and added security
  • Syncronize with you Channel Manager via the Online Reservation Interface
  • Highlight reservations as “special”
  • View reservation change history
  • View and manage unpaid invoices, reconcile payments, Age Debtors and daily reconciliation
  • view deleted reservations
  • any many more options……

RoomTracker Telephone System Features

  • Manually toll bars room phones
  • Automatically toll bars phones based on a preset dollar amount
  • Wakeup calls, an set many for one day or many days in advance
  • Room clean status set from the room phone to indicate the room is now clean
  • Guests name displayed on reception phone on incoming calls
  • Room voice mail
  • Room voice mail to email
  • Support for multi-extension in rooms or interconnecting rooms

REQUIREMENTS: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows 2008 Server or Greater. Minimum requirements: Core i5, 4Gig RAM, 100 MB Disk Space