CallTracker receives telephone call data live from a PABX Telephone System as soon as the phone call is completed, at which point the data is processed and stored in to a database for immediate retrieval or for retrieval at a later date using our CallTracker Client Reporting Program.


All versions of CallTracker are also fully net-workable, so that this data can be extracted via reports or charts from any PC on your local network.

CallTracker is designed to capture data from a PABX which outputs its data via a Comport or TCP/IP on a local or remote network.

Most Telephone Call Accounting packages can require a lot maintenance when pricing structures change from your toll call supplier, this alone means that you have to subscribe to an annual pricing update service which can cost up to $400.00 annually.

CallTracker is unique in that it lets YOU take control of your pricing by letting YOU alter the pricing structure, with the ability to reprocess past telephone call data if required. This feature alone will save you time and money.


CallTracker Data Collection Program

  • Live Data Capture
  • Price Editing
  • Multiple Pricing Plans
  • Extension Editing
  • Alarms Notifications
  • Number Mapping
  • Peak Time Editing
  • Account Editing
  • Trunk Editing
  • Group Editing
  • Users Editing
  • Multi-Site Capable
  • Re-Pricing Functionality
  • Automatic Emailing of Reports Incoming Call Pricing
  • MYOB Accounts Office/Enterprise Interface

CTClient Report Program

  • Date/time Reports
  • Extension Reports
  • Account Reports
  • Trunk Reports
  • Group Report
  • Specific Location Report
  • Specific Number Report
  • Extension Summary Report
  • Account Summary Report
  • Trunk Summary Report
  • Group Summary Report
  • Various Charts
  • Trunk Usage
  • Minimum Price Filtering
  • Assign Account Numbers
  • Account Lookup
  • Last Call Lookup
  • Call Price Lookup
  • Reports Exporting, CSV, Excell, Word, PDF
  • Auto Emailing of Reports


REQUIREMENTS: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1  2008 Server. Pentium 4, 1Gig RAM, 50 MB Disk Space TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: CallTracker will connect to many PABX Telephone Systems, please contact us to see if yours is compatible.