Licencing & Support

Software Licensing & Support Fee

Software License & Support Fees are compulsory with our RoomTracker, TrafficTracker and CallTracker Products unless otherwise stated. Pricing is supplied on application.

Licensing means the software is licensed to use and will automatically expire if payment is not made by due date or you request to cease using the software. Payment frequency can be, monthly or yearly and must be by automatic payment in advance. We retain the right to revoke a license with a 30 day notice of intent to terminate the license at any time.

Support means that you can raise a support ticket from within RoomTracker via the “Help/Support Tickets” menu or email us. All issues will be prioritized and we will respond within 1 or 2 business days for non urgent issues and 2 to 4 hours for urgent issues. On Public holidays the response times may be up to 4 to 6 hours for urgent issues and 2-3 days for non urgent issues.

Urgent issue means that the issue is preventing you from using your software without any reasonable work around and if this is the case then you still need to email us your issue in detail in the first instance, we also encourage to follow this up with a phone calls to our 24/7 number of 021 02536438.

Software updates are automatically issued when they are available and normally include any bug fixes and or new features added to the software. There is no pattern or period that these updates are available or performed.

New Feature means any new features that are developed from customer feedback or customer requests. New features may be made available to all customers even if another customer has a paid for the feature to be completed as per a supplied quotation which will include details such as a specification, cost and estimated time of supply.

Estimated time meaning we do our best effort to resolve the issue.

Issues found not to be an issue with the Fusion Software Limited application, i.e. it is an external service causing the issue, faulty PC etc. may incur a charge of $150+GST per hour

New feature requests or software modifications must be requested via email or verbally and a followed up with a request via email. Fusion Software Limited will review the request and will draw up an official “Change Request” document that the requester will approve before work begins. Fusion Software Limited will inform the requester if there will be a cost for the change.

PLEASE NOTE:  The software agreement does NOT cover re-locating RoomTracker or TrafficTracker from one computer to another. We can assist with this at a charge of $150+GST. We also need at least 3 working days notice of your intention to re-locate RoomTracker or TrafficTracker to another machine so we can reset your licensing. We will however assist were we can, but it is the responsibility of the licencee to ensure that all required hardware and or networking connections are connected and working. Also please note that re-location is different to a re-installation of RoomTrack or TrafficTracker, as carries the cost of $200 +GST

We reserve the right to review and change the license agreement at any given time